House of Sun by Alastair Reynolds- free with SFX!

As the title says really, if you get hold of a copy of the current issue of popular scifi magazine SFX, tucked away in the final third is a coupon for a free copy of hard scifi writer Reynold’s 2008 novel House of Suns. It’s a special SFX print, but the normal version is still on the shelves at £7.99, so it’s definitely worth a punt. It’s original coupon only for redemption though, so no photocopies.

The cover price of SFX is £3.99 or you may like to entertain this entirely fictitious scenario:

*Enter public library stage left
*pick up SFX
Oooh, a free book coupon!
*pocket coupon
*finish reading magazine
*stroll to Waterstones

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