Sunday Night Music: KLF

I’ve been having a bit of a retro trip on the MP3 player recently. Back to 1988 in fact. I’ve been walking into work to the accompaniment of the KLF’s White Room. At the time the KLF came across as a bit of a comedy act: Tammy Wynette duetting with them on a mix of Justified and Ancient, lots of silly costumes in the videos and so on. But if you listen to the music with a good pair of earphones at a good bit rate on a decent MP3 player, it’s bloody good stuff. I may not know what a MuMu is and I’m certainly not justified and ancient but tracks like the What Time is Love, L:ast Train to Transcentral and 3am Eternal (below) are banging.

If you’re looking to try something out new (to you), don’t scour the charts, give this a go. They’re on spotify, so it wont cost you owt.

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