Open letter to the chap in the blue Corsa

Dear Chap,

I’m sorry I can’t address you in a more personal manner, you’ll understand that your request for me to stop my car and get out so you could give me smack made me a little reticent to stop my car and get out, in case you actually did give me a smack.

By smack I assumed you meant a physical assault to partner the verbal assault you gave me as you tailgated me along Old London Road.

I must say I’m always confused by motorists who do stupid things on our roads and then think the best way to atone for their stupidity is to threaten their victim.

Perhaps there was a reason that you behaved how you did- perhaps you watched me drive down Watson’s Walk, clearly indicate well in advance my intention to turn right at the mini roundabout at London Road, and then turn right just as I said I would. Perhaps it confused you that I went around the roundabout (hint: the clue is in the name, it’s a roundabout, you go round it) rather than cutting in front of it.

Either way, I’m confused how you decided, despite my clear intentions, which I followed through on, to cut in front of the roundabout I was happily going around, causing yourself to have to do an emergency stop to avoid driving in to me.

But of course I’m most confused by how you think any of this is my fault. Getting cross with me because you drive like a wanker doesn’t make sense does it?

Grow up, learn some patience, take a good long hard look at yourself and take responsibility for your actions.





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