There is nothing more interesting than listening to people on the train talk (loudly) about the sort of thing that should be discussed in a private meeting room at their offices.

Never trust this man with anything confidential

Take Moustache man on the right, between Euston and Coventry and was a veritable wealth of information of shopping centre management and the training of staff therein. Loudly did he use words like “i.e.” and “etc” in actual conversation, his terminology, like his facial hair, well out of step with current times. To give myself a record of the sort of inane drivel he was inflicting on me, I started tweeting quotes.

Looking back on the twitter stream, I can see the “John was hung out to dry, his time to push was 6 months ago, there’s nothing for him now.” I also know more about the development and strategy for shopping centres over the next ten years than I really want to or have any right to. Apparently they will become niche focused, green, and contactless mobile/NFC payments will be standard. To keep people from buying primarily on the internet, they will have to focus on customer service. If current levels of customer service are anything to go by, Mary Portas is going to be astonishingly busy over the next ten years.

I also learnt that Thistle customer care is going to be simply renamed as JLA, and that he has a pack of 40 slides, with the same motivational motto across the bottom of each slide. That’s powerpoint awesomeness.

Still, at least I’m now reminded of how stupid people on trains can be.

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