5 Invaluable iPhone Apps

I’ve had my iPhone 3GS a little over a year now and have installed and uninstalled hundreds of apps in that time. There are a few that remain constant though, so I thought I’d share them with you. Whilst the app store does have a rating system, this is plagued by people who aren’t very clever slating apps because they’ve not read the information before buying them or can’t follow (simple) instructions.

CoPilot Live. There are plenty of satnav apps out there, some of them are flipping expensive but this one isn’t. It does the job well and for £20 it doesn’t make sense to me to pay any more than this.

TuneIn Radio. This is a great little app that lets you stream radio stations over wifi or your iPhones 3G connection. I often use it for listen to 5Live in the shed when I’m tinkering but its as good for music radio and holds a signal on my 2 mile walk to work well.

Ecofon. This is my twitter client of choice. It’s free and whilst it doesn’t have the multiple column functionality of Tweetdeck, it’s more suited for the iPhone screen in my opinion. Usefully, on update it puts you at the oldest rather than the newest post, so you can follow conversations through from the beginning.

Dropbox. In case you’ve not heard of Dropbox, it’s a “cloud storage solution”. In case cloud storage solution means nothing to you, what it does is give you (via a PC or smartphone programme) the ability to both store up to 2gig of data on remote servers for free and to synch them between computers. The upshot of it is, if I put some music in my Dropbox folder at home, I can listen to it on my iPhone over wifi or 3G. Simple as that really.

Facebook. Shouldn’t really have to detail this one, right?

There are plenty more apps that I use a lot, including logmein ignition, ifiles, wordpress but I think I’ll save those for another post.

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